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Restoring a dark god

Sindre L. Finnøy, a.k.a. SindrElf wanted to write Doctor Who, but now focuses on his own concept. had a meeting with this aspiring comic book writer to talk about his Kickstarter project ‘Anubis: Dog of Death’.

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On the intersection between Norwegian and Czech comics

The 18th issue of the respected comics magazine “Aargh!“ was published in early April this year.  Its topic is Norwegian comics, which it seeks to introduce to Czech readers through a historical retrospective by Kristian Hellesund, and short comics pieces by creators such as Jason  and Kristopher Schau.

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The Phantom’s end and continuation

On Wednesday, fans were gathered in BarBarista in Bergen, Norway, to honor to The Phantom in a wake of sorts, but also to celebrate something new.

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