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Fantomet er ingen superhelt forteller forfatteren Tony De Paul dag – dette til dem i en tråd om dette emnet, der noen fasthold på superhetbetegnelsen for Fantomet

The Phantom is having a rough go about now. He’s just a man, not a superhero, so he sometimes zigs when he ought to zag. That’s what I like most about writing him, his humanity.

He let the murderous Nomad get one step ahead of him. Now the Phantom’s nursing his wounds 7,000 miles away in Bangalla while the Nomad is in New York, out to murder Heloise Walker, the Phantom’s daughter.

This was yesterday’s strip—shocking to many readers!

To my knowledge it’s the only time a villain has hit a female with a closed fist since Lee Falk founded the strip in 1936. And Heloise is not quite 16, so… a mere babe in the woods when it comes to such villainy.

And yet… Heloise has the blood of 21 Phantoms in her veins. What do you think the odds are this is going to turn out really badly for the Nomad?

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